As Paranormal Investigators, we stopped at Rachal, Nevada in 1996 because this was the closest town to Area 51. We met a young man who claimed to be a Historical Observer who had an alien device implant in his sinus cavity that recorded the events that were taking place on the earth. He provided us with some x-rays showing this alien implant and told us a most interesting tale of an alien invasion in 1999.

We stayed in contact with this young man and discussed an opportunity about writing a book about the knowledge that he had gained from working with his alien overlords. Unfortunately, we couldn't come to acceptable terms for this venture and we withdrew our offer. In the intervening period since our initial contact with him, we have researched and engineered a device that will detect the magnetic fields reportedly associated with these alien spacecrafts.

This photo was taken June 15, 1997 by Sharon Gill, a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography, after a full day of filming a poltergeist segment with A&E cable network show, The Unexplained. The producer is on the left and Frank Walker is on the right. Notice the red circle around a small dark spot. When this anomalous object is enlarged the resulting image on right seems to suggest a strange craft and an associated object to the left and above the main craft. Could this be an UFO?

Photo by Teri Michon

This picture was taken in Ellicott, Colorado. I saw it & got my husband and kids to come out & puzzle over it with me & snap a picture of it. This is an unusual formation of lights & resembles nothing that we have seen here (or anywhere previously)


This photo was taken by Dave Oester on July 12, 1997 through a five inch telescope. This was a time exposure of the moon. Notice the anomaly to the right of the moon. Could this be a UFO?

This photo was taken by Barbara Haas during the Ghost Investigation of the Lost City of Wellington, near Skykomish, WA and inside the old Snow Shed on March 13, 1998. The object was not observed at the time of this photograph.

This photo was submitted by Jake of Phantomseekers@aol.com who said, "There appears to be a couple of clusters of small orbs of light in the sky on the right of the photo. This phenomena is present in many of the photos taken in Haiti."

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