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Mary A. Garza at
I believe that these images come forward because they know there are certain people who are able to draw them into the "light" and they really want to communicate with us! They may even be wanting to communicate with that particular person, but because that person doesn't believe or does not know that this is possible, they seek an individual to make their presence known.

James E. Hartman at
If you'll notice most ghosts are photographed right of center. Or they seem to lean moving from left to right. I wonder if someone in Australia took a snapshot of a ghost, would it appear left of center in the photograph and lean moving from right to left? Could ghosts follow the same track as tornados or water spinning flowing down a drain? Perhaps most ghosts require light from one source bouncing off them and back through them like a hologram in order that they might be recorded on film do to there nature.

Matthew Fabian at
Ghosts can be captured on film because of a process called psychokinesis (PK). This process is an action of the subconscious mind, the same reason people can bend spoons with their minds. You don't take pictures of spirits, they imprint themselves on your film with their minds. That's why you should load your film when you get to your spot of investigation. That's also why some spirits look deformed and disfigured. That's the way they view themselves. People may lose their lives when they die, but do not lose their mind.

CJ Dugan at
I believe it all come down to biological photoreceptors vs. mechanical. Human tissue and photographic media can be easily compared to the human brain and a computer. The brain process data dependent to its environment, where as a computer what it is told and crunces the data in any environment. The eye takes in light as we need to see, not picking up ultra violet or any other unnecessary waves. The photograph picks up everything, including invisible light. We just can't see it. However, when a ghosts aura passes in front of the lens it disrupts the waves hitting the photographic plate and causes a ripple or distortion that we would identify as a ghoste.

Kristan Mackay at
Ghosts can be captured on photo's when they are not visible to the human eye because they reflect a type of light that is not visible to the human eye, but is to the camera film. That is why they can be seen with night vision camera's and gogles, etc...

Justin A. Payne at
Possibly because they can only be seen on a spectrum of light that the human eye would not bother to percieve. I have seen ghosts before using an infrared eye piece or even night vision. Try it out! I've seen four ghosts using night vision as well as infrared. Maybe it will work for you!

George at
The reason as to why ghosts can be captured on film is both scientific and supernatural. The presences of an aura is an energy field which distorts its surroundings. The fact that this distortion can be captured on film is largely because of the magnetic field this energetic distortion creates. The reason we can see ghosts is due to the fact that the ghost wants us to see them, this is supernatural. The human eye can perceive only the classic wavelengths of light, so the ghost has the ability to fluctuate in and out of this field of wavelengths at will.

Annonymous at
I remembered (correctly, I hope!) that in physics, all energy is referred to as being potential energy, or kinetic energy. Both forms of energy are present everywhere in the physical world, being either one or the other. Energy can neither be created or destroyed. Instead, it simply alternates between being potential or kinetic. All living things, then, contain energy. So, what happens when an organism dies? The energy is then released into the environment. Hauntings are usually associated with a strong emotional background (a place where a murder has occurred, or a place of strong sentimental significance to a particular person). Perhaps, in the case of a haunting, energy is concentrated in a particular location. This concentration may then affect sensitive individuals and animals, and other things such as instruments which measure energy. Light is transmitted as both a particle and as a wave, in energy parcels called photons. The presence of energy within the environment may cause interference with photons of light. This disturbance may then appear as an anomaly in a photograph, and may also be why these anomalies cause shadows within the photograph. As I remarked earlier, hauntings are usually associated with places of strong emotion....etc. I think it's interesting that poltergeist activity seems to center around adolescents. Adolescence is one of the most stressful and emotional times of a person's life. Perhaps the effect of this stress may be to cause some individuals to release emotional energy into the environment, where it then can affect the physical world.

Lauren at
Physics teaches us that time, space and energy are interrelated (E=Mc2). If an object has little spatial dimension, it takes up proportionately more of the time dimension. The shutter on a camera is actually slower than what the human eye requires to "perceive" an image, so the faint physical image, drawn out in time, has the chance to mark the film. Do time-lapse photos capture better ghost images? Notice the kinds of people who are contacted by ghosts...are they the in-a-hurry type or are do they move through life more slowly, taking time to perceive events that take longer to unfold?

Scott Bates
I'd just like to voice my support for "anonymous in Winnipeg". I think that theory has the most sensible basis. Note that the "emotional pattern storage" theory leads to the conclusion that the mind of the deceased isn't actually there. Only a sort of recording is present. This could explain why ghosts seldom move to new homes when conditions change (e.g. new tenants in the house). The ghost cannot go anywhere, any more than the magnetic patterns on your diskettes can go anywhere. Question: Where is the mind that the recording is taken from? Gone when its brain dies, off to Heaven or Valhalla or whatever, or could the mind itself somehow be trapped in place? And how could we tell the difference between a trapped mind and an energetic recording of a mind?

Mike at
I would like to believe that what I'm seeing are ghosts on film, but I'm afraid I have to remain a little skeptical. I live about a mile from the 1st Manassas Battlefield and I have taken quite a few pictures, both night and day and I have yet to capture a ghostly image. I have, however had my fair share of film "flubs." I have left the aperature open to wide or had sun spots show up on the lens(these look just like the ghost globes) I have had flash anamolies occur against a wall that should not have reflected light (for example: a bright flash against a sheet rock wall. I don't want to debunk anyone's pictures, but perhaps the haze is flash reflecting off of dust particles or fine misty haze in the air. Humidity may play a factor in these pictures. I read the theories posted by other readers and came across a person who tried to explain the "energy cannot be destroyed theory," as a possible explanation.

This theory is known as the First law of thermodynamics(also known as the law of conservation) it's defined as such: Energy can neither be created or destroyed; it can only be transformed from one form to another. HMMM, how to explain this...OK for example: Stars convert nuclear energy into light and heat, plants convert light energy from the sun into chemical-bond energy in sugar molecules, and animals convert chemical-bond energy in sugars into energy in motion. None of these transformations is 100 percent effecient; in every case a part of the energy is converted to some useless form of energy, usually heat. (Lest I be accused of plagarism, I did get help from "Chemistry: An Environmental Perspective" Buell/Girard page 71) When we die our energy is converted into the energy of decaying. If you choose not to be buried with a coffin bugs and worms help with the process. Should you choose the box it's the job of micro-organisms already present in the body to help you rot away. Our energy in life is not life itself, but the conversion of food and sun or whatever else we use to get ourselves around. Do you know what I mean Vern?

It's possible that we have souls and that could very well be what we are seeing on the photos. After looking at ALL of your photos; I'm convinced there is something there. The swirling vortex pictures have me stumped, but the globes of light, to me, seem the least likely ghost cadidates. I would trully like to capture an image like the ones I have seen on your web page. I am not a non-believer, just a skeptic. I hope you will give equal space to my letter on your theories page. I look forward to seeing more pictures on your page and, hey, maybe there will be one that convinces me. Thanks for the opportunity, Mike

J.K. Danae Denby-Spencer at
I should like to support any theory which makes use of the "recording" analogy, further modified by a few other remarks. I am a student of the Western magickal traditions and in such pursuits I've learned some very interesting things about the nature of the mind as well as memorized a few dozen theories re: "the soul". Let me say that insisting that the soul is energy is a very arbitrary thing not well supported by the evidence and just as prejudicial as saying that it is matter, or even that it doesn't exist at all. Looking at this phenomenologically, the soul could very well be information--a much more abstract thing, and we are in fact experiencing only manner in which the information is made manifest. The music he hear is not the vibration of air as such, merely information thus conveyed.

For a good study on this subject from an occultist's point of view, you might also like to stop thinking of the soul being a singular thing possessed by a single body. Even some Catholic dogma liked to split this one force up into two bodies, soul and spirit. Both Eastern Yogic studies as well as modern Qaballistic interpretations is this matter will quickly lead you to an idea that there are a certain discrete number of souls, four in the case of the area in which I study.

Consider the immortal parts of man to be a sort of continuum in which we tend to experience several gradients. The part closest to the physical reality is said to die after the body, eventually dissolving into the general spirit-stuff that surrounds it. At the other end of this continuum, the soul is utterly indistinguishable from "God", Divine Ground or the infinite oversoul (whichever you like). In between are a few mediating portions that steer the perticular incarnation along it's path according to their individual wills or characters.

At death, the matter-bound lowest part stays with the body or, in some cases of violent and confusing death, functions independently after a fashion. In and of itself, it is only a rudimentary animal-intelligence, but the soul just "above" it in this chain is not disconnecting as is proper and instead pours a lot of energy downward into this lower soul, causing it to make the various ripples in reality that constitute our experience of it. Some suggest that our experiences with "guardian angels" and whatnot are, in fact, a conscious awareness of these more exalted portions of the soul.

I realize that I've done a bit of prefacing to come at last to a point, but I didn't feel that this particular viewpoint was well-represented here, and my own experiences make it very hard indeed to resolve the issue while believing in but a single soul. Plu in these idea and see where they take you...

Tom at
While looking at several of your pictures of "ghosts" I might have made an importaint discovery--or at least opened up a subject for further investigation. On your photo labeled "ghost at Funeral/ The Funeral Day Ghost" is a vortex. These vorticies seen to be a commonly photographed object in "ghost photos". This one however, is different! apparently whoever wrote up the caption beneath the photo did not notice an importaint detail and note its implications. If you look closle at it you will see a complete humanoid form apparently riding up the tube--- (the head is at the left end of the white blob) Its knees are drawn up to its chest and held with its arms. the head is also bent downward twards the chest. It this is what it look s like, it would seem that the vortex is actually a "doorway"between our world and the next The wide end appears to be the "opening" and the small one opens to the "other side". Perhaps "spirits" and "ghosts" travel between worlds via these "tubes" (vortex). This theory, if proven could explain a lot! Thie photo appears to have caught a "ghost" riding" in the tube---If other Vortex photos can be found that show human forms in them , then this theory might be valid.

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