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Dimensional Doorway

This ghost photo was sent by Tricia Dennis of Bearyfan5@aol.com.

Tricia said, "I have taken many many pictures there but have never really seen a whole lot and I go about every weekend. The sadness that overcomes me is quite intesnse in some areas but mainly the vacant field adjacent to to location of the Sunland Hospital field. Last night I took my 12 year old niece there and we took pics of all the buildings. There were few that did not come out because it is so dark but I was shocked to find that in one photo I took in the field where the Sunland Hospital once stood there is clearly a pic of a door in the middle of nowhere. There is no biulding that has a door like this anywhere and it is really strange that it is just a door all by itself with nothing around it. Also all the buildings that are at Sunland are secure now as they are occupied by the state or monitered by security, this door in the pic I have is standing alone in the middle of a field with just a doorframe."

Dr. Dave's Notes:
A door in the middle of a vacant field. Could this be a dimensional doorway between parallel dimensions? The first photo is an blow up of the second photo showing only the doorway.

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