Discover the truth about White Noise! The film was filled with inaccurate statements about EVP recording techniques. Learn from real EVP researchers and discover the truth about recording the voices of the dead. Hollywood's "White Noise" is typical Hollywood. Learn the truth about recording the voices of the dead.

IGHS Southwest Ghost Conference

While the film, White Noise portrayed EVP researchers being killed by demons, this is just Hollywood's scriptwriters plot for a psychological thriller. The film also said the only way to record these etheric voices was with white noise or static. Wrong again, there is a much simplier way that we have been using for the last decade without needing white noise or static. We have Also done over 1,000 field investigations, recorded over 3,500 ghost voices and never once were we overtly threatened by the spirits of the dead. Discover the fun and enjoyment of recording voices from beyond the grave. This is a good clean family activity that the entire family can enjoy.

The 9th annual IGHS Southwest Ghost Conference will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico on March 25 through 27th, the weekend of the full moon. On Friday we will have a meet and greet in the evening, on Saturday we will have sessions and hands on investigations. On Sunday for those staying around, we will have a list of haunted places that they can investigate. The conference is open to everyone who would like to learn more about ghosts. Come together as strangers and leave as friends.

Register early as we have limited seating available. Come and see why Old Town Plaza is known as the City of the Dead. Discover how to do ghost photography, how to record the voices of the dead. We have all new material to share. This is a great opportunity to bond with other ghost researchers and to learn about the new technology involving real time ultrasonic EVP recording.

Cindy Cribbs has provided a list of lodging for those flying or driving into the area. You can view the list of hotels that we recommend by clicking on Lodging.

Bring your tape or digital recorders and join Dave & Sharon as we investigate some of the most haunted sites in Old Town Plaza. Unlike White Noise, we will demonstrate the simply techniques for recording the voices of the dead, not from listening to white noise or static on the radio, but at haunted sites where the spirits of the dead still haunt today.

We will hand out the name badges on Friday night and the Conference packets on Saturday morning. All conference members will receive an email update in March with specific information regarding our event.

Ghostly Photos from our 2004 seminar in Old Town, Albuquerque

Photos by Lorraine Scott in Old Town Albuquerque taken at 2004 IGHS Seminar

Photo by Jerry Santoniello from Old Town Albuquerque

Sign up for the Conference in two steps. The first step is registering with a credit card. The second step is providing the names of those attending. You can also call Dave at 1-505-494-0026 for credit card orders over the telephone.

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