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Standish -- Susanville, CA

Standish, CA lies in the Great Basin bordered by the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The town of Standish was known as the center of the Alfalfa District in its early days. Today, Standish is home to the Wayside Texaco, gas, deli, spirits and rest stop as travelers take the short cut to highway 395 headed to Reno, Nevada. Standish is also home to the Days End RV Park run by Scott and Sue McMillin. (photo 1)

This northeast rural county is named for Peter Lassen, a Danish pioneer who explored the area in 1840. He was killed by Indians when he was sixty-six years old. His monument and grave lie along the mountains, behind the oldest town in the Great Basin, Susanville, established in 1854. (photo 2)

Days End RV Park sits across the street from the old 1907 Standish Lodge. (photo 3) This place just feels haunted. We have driven by this old building for five years on our way to Reno or Virginia City and wondered about it each time. This time would be different.

We pulled into the Campgrounds, got settled in and had dinner. After dinner, a knock came on the door. We opened to meet Scott McMillin who introduced himself as the owner of the RV Park and asked us if we would be interested in investigating the old lodge building across the street. He had heard from his assistant manager that we were ghost hunters. We said, "Yes!" Scott and Sue explained to us that they are in the process of restoring the building. We invited them to join us for an investigation of their old building. They both said yes.

We are not going to discuss the investigation now, but we are posting a really remarkable photo taken in the top floor of the old Standish Lodge. (photo 4) Notice the orb that is casting a shadow onto my face. Also notice the window and the shadow of my head and the shadow of the orb in the window! We could not see the orb with our eyes, but Sharon's digital Sony Mavica 7 did a great job at capturing the orb and shadow in the window. More photos will be posted later in the main ghost galleries taken in this old building. And yes, the spirits were happy to see us, they posed for many photos.

Scott and Sue McMillin opened their hearts and their home to us. We came as strangers and left as friends. What more can one say about one's journey through life. We have added two kind and caring folks to our list of friends. Days End RV Park has a web site at www.daysendrv.com.

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