This old photo was submitted by Lois Schmidt of Portland, OR. She took this photo about 1972 in her home in Kent, Washington. She was taking a picture of her dog playing on the lawn in the back of her house. She took the picture through the open door and did not see the face nor what appears to be a grave and grave marker that showed up on her photo. The second photo is an enlargement of the first photograph. The ghostly face is visible with details, such an eye, nose and mouth and a high forehead with long flowing hair. This is not a reflection from inside the house because it was not taken through a window.

Sharon and I were speaking at a private home where the owner had assembled friends and friends who had questions about ghosts. During our discussion, this picture was presented for evaluation by us. It is an amazing photograph. Some of the views expressed by those present were as follows: A departed spirit? An alien? A dimensional Bigfoot? What do you think?

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