The Dark Side

These amazing photos were sent to us by Rose Scadari of the Central Jersey Spirit Squadron at I scanned them from the photographs myself. These are not jpg files which may be faked in a paint program, but from the actual photographs I have in my possession.

According to her letter, these photos were taken at a crossroads one night. They were taken in farming community which had a background in the War of 1776.

Dave's Notes:
Wow, what can I say. These are very strange and eerie photos of who knows what. They don't look human nor like an animal. Look at the elongated neck with the bulging veins! Could this be an alien life form captured on film? My first impression was to make a judgement of something from the depths of hell, but that is simply the fear of the unknown. Instead of making judgements, we should approach this with an open mind and not condemn because of our individual bias. This is a good example of keeping an open mind, free of judgmental attitudes and cultural beliefs. What is your guess?

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