Wheatfield Ghost

This phoho wase submitted by IGHS members Ron and Barbara Ogburn, Directors of the Adam County Chapter of the PA Ghost Hunters Society, of ronnbj@cvn.net.

They said, "A story to go with this one. It happened Saturday evening, June 13th. Barb and I arrived on the South side of the Wheatfield about 9:15 PM to meet some other members of the Adams County Ghost Hunters Society . While waiting, we walked down a side road and climbed a small mound of earth on which the 17th Maine monument stands. We sat for about 15 minutes making small talk. Barb got up when she saw the rest of the group coming. When she got to the road, I stood up and snapped a picture using the cheap old point and shoot with 400 film. Now for the story. As we stood and talked with the rest of the group, two of the members walked down the same road with their grandson of about 5 or 6 years old. After they had walked off, the boys mother remarked that she thought he would be afraid, but he wasn't. He was actually having a good time wondering around the dark battlefield. Well, that changed. Grandma and Grandpa were enjoying the walk, when suddenly, the grandson announce that he wanted to go back to Mom because he didn't like the white light he was seeing. Imagine that! "

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