August 3, 2006 from Pahrump, Nevada


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--All EVPs are from IGHS Members--

Bob Gallienne -- Antietam Battlefield

I like the 2 way radio EVPs because they were recorded as they were being said. Gave me real shivers that night. I put one by the river with a c-clamp on the push to talk button so it sent a continuous carrier wave and walked about 1/4 mile away. This was to avoid people saying someone in the area did it. I put a VOX recorder by the one in the woods and kept one with me recording all the time. You can hear me almost drop the recorder I had in my hand because it was so loud it scared me. The one by the transmitter recorded too, but it was too quiet to understand. I have tried this by the canal and got a soldier yelling "hold your fire" but didn't get the recorder on in time. Seems to amplify the EVP for some reason.

David Liles
DeRidder Ghost Hunters Club

Suz Sebek
Saloon Row Ghost Tour

Our Classic EVPs Recorded in our Travels
Haldeman Mansion, Locust Grove, Pennsylvania

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