Jeff Rense Program 3 October, 2008
Full Moon over Arizona Mountains

Dave & Sharon are exploring the Southwest

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Imagine being able to pick up a phone or a device like it and dial up The Other Side. Answering on the other end is someone who is no longer of this world — they're dead. This is the ET “call home” technology, nicknamed DigCom for the Digital Communicator. Check it out at Talking to the Dead. The next evolution for real time EVP.

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EVP Ghost Voices

(Talking to the Dead Technology)

Shawn Smith
(Talking to the Dead Technology)

Patrick L Elliott
Christy Nelson
We captured on our video recorder during this same investigation (at 12 seconds). The voice says "Niyah", which through some local investigation, we discovered that a woman named "Niyah" did work at this old hospital back in 1958. Also a digital recorder at the end of the hallway recorded "Niyah." As to the history of the building, it was built in 1918. It was an old hospital for many decades. The downstairs was also a mortuary at one time as well.

Stephanie Flint

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