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Arizona Northern Desert

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Sachs Covered Bridge, Gettysburg, PA

Hovenweep Ruins
 400 - 900 CE
Utah/Colorado Border

Paleoindians walked across Hovenweep land some 11,000 years ago as they hunted mammoths and large bison. In about AD 400, the Puebloans farmers arrived in the valley. They were the ancestors of the modern Hopi and the modern Zuni of the Little Colorado River basin and Puebloans communities of the Rio Grande basin east of the San Juan. The desert lands filled with sage were once fertile fields where crops such as corn and squash grew.

According to Joe S. Sando, Pueblo Indian scholar from Jemez Pueblo, "The systematic raising of corn led to the shaping of Pueblo religion, with rituals and prayers for rain and other conditions favorable to crops. The need to know the proper time for planting, cultivating, and harvesting led to developments in astronomical observation. They studied the behavior of the sun, the moon, clouds, the wind, and the vernal equinox."


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