Jeff Rense Program 7 August 2009
Arizona Northern Desert

Dave & Sharon are exploring the Southwest


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During CNN Larry King Interview with Jermaine Jackson

John Billingsley Swinging Chandelier

Woman dressed in white

Ghost Walking - Fake

Shadow Person - Right side door, low on floor

Patsy Cline's grave site
Peggy Jo McGonigal
Patsy Cline's Grave Movie (mov04251.mpg)
We had just finished singing Patsy Cline's A Closer Walk with Thee song at Patsy Cline's grave. THEN, while posing for a picture at the grave the bronze flower vase moved backwards than back down and made a loud clunk sound as it dropped back down. My mom thought she was taking a picture but actually captured it on her digital camera as it was set to video mode & she didn't realize it.

Steward Indian School
FACT: Children from Nevada and throughout the West were forced to attend the Stewart Institute up to secondary school age from 1890 to 1980. Students came from many tribes including the Nevada-based Washoe and Paiute tribes, as well as Hopi, Apache, Pima, Mohave, Walapai, Ute, Pipage, Coropah and Tewa.
HAUNTINGS: Haunted by a girl that was staying in the dorm that became pregnant and committed suicide by hanging herself in the gym. Seen during the day and at night usually from behind, long black flowing hair. When she would turn she has no face, another ... or the same ghost is called the peanut lady due to poor complexion. When a person see`s them bad things are supposed to happen to them.

Visitors to the school, now closed, swear they can hear children laughing and crying and these sounds echo through the empty hallways. The last two EVPs were recorded at a
small field at the end of the school, which is supposedly where many of the children who died are buried in unmarked graves. Temperatures dropped from 65 degrees to a low of 42 degrees.

Louisiana EVPs

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