Jeff Rense Program August 2, 2007
Crooked River Ranch, Oregon

Restless Spirits Across America: Explore America's most haunted sites with Dave & Sharon.         We share 40 haunted battlefield sites and 10 Civil War haunted hospital sites on the battlefield. Join us as we bring together the top names in the Para Science field.

--All EVPs are from IGHS Members--

Dave & Sharon Oester
Gray Butte Cemetery

David Liles
Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Dave we had a blast, I also used that time to conduct a little experiment. I had one of my members of the Deridder Jr. Ghost Hunters Club (my nephew), come with us on the investigation. I'm doing my best to make this a family time too. He placed himself with Jamie at which time she began talking with him in low voices, Jamie also started to hum children's tunes, lullabies etc. This part of the cemetery we got 80% of the photos taken were in the children's area of the cemetery. There area rows and rows of children who passed away in the late 1800s. It was my belief that if you bring a young person with you, the other young spirits would come out and play to. We were right, take a look at all the supercharged orbs in motion that were happening all around Jamie and my nephew. The children did want to play.

Suz Sebek
Saloon Row Ghost Tour

"You're a Slut" is from Inspirations Gallery. This building used to be a Church! I used a compass and an EMF meter, along with a digital recorder. I felt and heard footsteps and compass moved a little only in one place. The second EVP is from Gem Dandies when the owner went back inside her store after closing.

Robin Achterhof and Dawn Smith
Dunes Correctional Facility in Saugatuck, Michigan
"We were at the old reformatory for the Dunes Correctional Facility in Saugatuck Michigan, near our home. This building is open, abandoned and unfortunately very full of graffiti. We climbed up a set of stairs, turned around and took a picture of where we just came from. We saw nothing at the time. In the photo there is a black 'figure' low to the ground. Photos were taken with Olympus FE-100 4.0 megapixels digial camera in full daylight." Dawn Smith

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