Join Dave & Sharon on June 19, 2004 in San Antonio, Texas

Dave & Sharon on May 7, 2004 from Deming, New Mexico
Recording Ghost Voices from the Past

Gettysburg Battlefield, Gettysburg, PA

1740 Haldeman Mansion, Locust Grove, PA

The Deming Cemetery

Shawn Smith
His son is talking and in reverse he speaking about the spirit. In reverse is our spirit speaking?

Stephen Boland

"I have been listening to you on Jeff Rense's program via his archives, and I must say that I have been intrigued with your work since the first time I heard you. I am writing to tell you about my own experience with EVP which was quite surprising to me. After I heard you two on the radio for about the second time, I decided that I wanted to try and record my EVPs, as you make it sound so easy. I began considering a purchase of a digital recorder while at work when I remembered that my cell phone has a limited digital record feature on it (30 seconds I think) I work in downtown Columbia, SC on the 10th floor of a large office building, and I decided what the heck, I'll try it here. I filled up the recorder about three times without hearing anything, but one time I recorded I heard a VERY faint voice on the recording! My adrenaline started pumping then I was so excited and amazed!"

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