April 7, 2006 from Holbrook, Arizona


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Cortez, Colorado Cemetery
Cortez - Gateway to the Mesa Verde National Park

John Brown's Cabin
Keedysville, Maryland
Bob Gallienne of InkedOneX@aol.com submitted these photos and EVPs captured at the John Brown's Cabin. The cabin belonged to a Dr Kennedy and was rented by Brown. It is a mile from my house in Keedysville or Dargan depending on who is bragging. That is in Maryland right across the bridge from Harpers Ferry. Around 17 or so men holed up in in all summer.The attic was where the men stayed and they could only come out during storms or at night. Brown's daughter kept up the guise of normalcy for nosey neighbors. In one picture you can see the bedrolls on the ground where I was standing on the guys feet.

Antietam Battlefield
by Bob Gallienne

Bloody Lane top, Burnside Bridge bottom

David Liles

Lee Brinkman

Lisa Becker

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