April 6, 2007
Crooked River Ranch, Oregon

The New EVP Handbook
Record and Analyze Ghost Voices

New and Revised for 2007, this EVP PDF booklet has twice as many pages. It now has 87-pages and a foreword by David John Oates of Reverse Speech fame. This is the best eBook on how to record and analyze ghost voices on the Internet. Learn step-by-step how to record, hook up the computer, download the EVP, and then analyze the ghost voices. We provide step by step instructions on using Acoustica 2.25, 3.32 and 4.0. Developed by full time ghost hunters who specialize in EVP recordings. Order through PayPal or through our Secure Order Form.
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Elizabeth, Louisiana
DeRidder Ghost Hunters Club

The Elizabeth Town Hall built in 1924 by a Lumber Company in Elizabeth, LA as a hospital to take care of the workers and their families. Some of the rooms still contain the examination beds, a scale and an old sterilization unit. We had good EMF spikes, cold spots, an observer who was with us claimed he saw an old man standing in the corner of the operating room.  (where we got all the voices from).  We had feelings that there were people in the building other than us.  We smelled pipe tobacco smoke at one time it was crazy.  Lori was working the op room and she came out crying. I said what is wrong, she said she felt a wave of sadness and sorrow.  It took her some time to go back in. As I said that was a 4 minute session with 3 spirits and >one of my team. Its weird. I've never recorded a whole conversation before. Questions being asked an answered by several spirits.

Myrtles Plantation, Louisiana
John T. Billingsley at jtb@sport.rr.com

The Myrtles Plantation is a 210-year-old Mansion which was built by General David Bradford. There are eleven documented murders at the Myrtles. I have a video where I captured a chandelier swinging on its own, while I was staying one night in the David Bradford Suite. I have stayed many times in that suite since then, but it never moved on its own again.

Voices from beyond the grave

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