March 2, 2007
Crooked River Ranch, Oregon

The New EVP Handbook
Record and Analyze Ghost Voices

New and Revised for 2007, this EVP PDF booklet has twice as many pages. It now has 87-pages and a foreword by David John Oates of Reverse Speech fame. This is the best eBook on how to record and analyze ghost voices on the Internet. Learn step-by-step how to record, hook up the computer, download the EVP, and then analyze the ghost voices. We provide step by step instructions on using Acoustica 2.25, 3.32 and 4.0. Developed by full time ghost hunters who specialize in EVP recordings. Order through PayPal or through our Secure Order Form.
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Hartwood Manor, Pittsburgh, PA

The second photo is of the Great Room. The paneling is carved oak from the 1600's and the ceiling is an intricate design of plaster. I had such a wonderful experience this time around. I let Sylvia who oversees this property listen to the several voices I had picked up. I have one of me asking Mrs. Lawrence about her horses. She answered me with "I have Seven." Sylvia was able to confirm this trip that Mrs. Lawrence had in fact seven horses. I was thrilled.

Dave & Sharon's Cabin

BooBoo walked over by the wood stove and started barking at where the table would have been. She stood there pointing in that direction as her ears fell flat, never taking her eyes off of the area.

Voices from beyond the grave

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