Pollard Hotel
Red Lodge, MT

The Hotel is definitely haunted!

This photograph was taken at Pollard Hotel in Red Lodge, MT using Kodak Gold 200 film with a flash. The hotel dates from the 1890's and its guests included celebrities such as Buffalo Bill Cody, Calamity Jane, and William Jennings Bryan.

There are supporedly three ghosts: a male ghost known as George, a woman in Victorian clothe, and a small boy who sometimes appears with the woman. Phenomena have included the scent of afine French perfume, footsteps; a sense of being watched; the noise of a handball game in progress from a darkened, locked court; and glimpses of a male ghost.He was described to me by the staff member who saw him as a man in his 60's, potbellied, wearing knickers, which dates him from 1890-1930's. He was in the bar, pouring himself a cup of coffee, and seemed to be making himself completely at home. He vanished when the staff member turned to look at him more closely.

According to the letter that Karen sent to us, she took the photograph holding the camera in a vertical position. The swirl could not be a strap since it is position in the wrong section of the photograph and does not descend from the top of the photograph! Sorry Skeptics, this time any claim that this image is a strap is groundless. :)

Submitted by Karen Stevens at phantom@wln.com.

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