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For the first time on the Internet, an innovative idea is available only at As we enter our sixth year of full-time travel across America, we decided to compile a unique DVD of photographs taken at haunted sites and EVP, voices from beyond the grave that were captured at these sites. We have now included 844 photographs and over 384 EVPs from forty-six haunted places in ten different states across the country. You will not find anything like this anywhere else. This is the only DVD with almost 400 ghost voices!

Now you can travel with us from the Donner Pass in California to ghost towns in Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. You can listen to the spirits speak on the battlefields of Gettysburg to the Civil War POW camp at Andersonville. We also take you to the Mayan Ruins in Belize in Central America. Travel with us to the Salinas Missions in New Mexico and listen to the resonating church bells ringing as we stood below the ruins. You can hear the voices of the people as they called to the church in this segment. Nothing such as this has ever been captured before at the old missions and I actually heard the bells ring while standing there.

As we travel across this great land, we have captured the essence of haunted sites in photographs and recorded voice from the past, compiled into one DVD. Nowhere else will you find a DVD such as this one, filled with 844 pictures and over 384 EVPs from all across the country and in Central America.

We have always said that ghosts are everywhere. We seek new, unknown sites to investigate so the majority of places on this new DVD will take the viewer along the back roads of America to sites that most people will never see. See Indian ruins and ghost towns you might never be able to visit in person. We have included a private family cemetery hidden deep in the thick woods in West Virginia that holds a host of ghosts

The DVD is narrated by Dave Oester and Sharon Gill and is one of a kind, available only on the ghostweb. The DVD is over an hour long filled with photographs and EVP for viewing and listening pleasure. This would make a great gift for avid ghost researchers or anyone with a curiosity about life after life.

Sixty minutes of real ghost voices with a slide presentation with eight hundred photos, along with over 384 ghost voices recorded during these investigations. The DVD is playable on any DVD player, no computer required. The price includes shipping by Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation in the USA, International Air Mail to Canada. We offer our International friends Global Priority Mail for faster service than International Air Mail.

Testimonial for Real Ghost Voices DVD
I received the EVP DVD I ordered from you. First of all, I am amazed at how quickly you shipped it. I thank you for that. Second, I enjoyed it tremendously. My dog and I sat huddled up on my bed yesterday morning, absolutely transfixed. It seemed to me that she responded to the “ghost dog” a little, and I will ponder why poor Mary Snodgrass was so disliked by females, but considered “a peach” by at least one male. And “quarter shot” was astonishing.
Andrea Saunders
I have just finished viewing and listing to the Real Ghost Voices DVD and I found it to be wonderful and spiritually moving. If you have never experienced real Ghost Voices from the past than this is the DVD for you. Dr. Dave and Dr. Sharon take you from the comforts of your home to some of the most haunted sites in the United States, Central America, and Mexico. This DVD is part paranormal and part archaeological. The motion picture white noise has nothing on this. This is as real as it gets no movies, no scripting, and no actors. This will move you in ways you will not believe. I have recorded only a limited amount of EVP recordings but it is always amazing to know that you have recorded something from the past that is no longer living in our world. Buy this DVD, listen to it and you will believe.
David Liles co-founder of the Deridder Ghost Hunters Club.

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Important Notice:
To determine if your DVD player can play the Video DVD+R Video format media, go to Video Player Help and enter your DVD Player into the search engine and check to see that it can play DVD+R media. Only available in NTSC (U.S.) Version. Sorry no European PAL version available.

$25.00 USA/Canada -- Priority Mail or International Air Mail

$35.00 Outside USA -- Global Priority Mail

Two_DVD Special: $30.00 USA/Canada -- Priority Mail or International Air Mail

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