Field Hospitial Double Orb

This photo was sent by Paul Montini of

Paul said, "I was on an investigation of a house which once served as a hospital during the battle of Gettysburg on October 26th, 1998. This home is located just outside the town of Gettyburg. I was invited along by Harry Borger and Joan Barr who are also heavily involved in spirit investigations. Joan is the President of York County Ghost Hunters and Harry is a Gettysburg Ghost Tour Guide and also conducts workshops on the spirit investigations."

"Near the house we were investigating was a burial site where bodies were recovered and moved after the battle. The photograph I have attached was taken above the site where these soldiers were buried. the reason I am sending this photo is that it appears to be a "double" orb. We got many photos that night with many orbs in them. The orb in this photo is very bright and seems to be double."

"Thanks for your time and consideration. I am very much interested in this subject as I have always believed that the energy that gives us life will remain on earth after we are gone. I was a former science teacher and very familiar with the theory that 'energy cannot be created nor destroyed'."

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