Removing Pesky Ghosts

Exorcism of Ghosts by Dr. Dave Oester

I do not endorse the unwarranted removal of a spirit simply because someone is frightened. People fear what they do not understand and try to destroy what they fear. The IGHS has held that establishing diplomatic dialog with them is better than to call your local priest or roving ghost buster to toss water, wave icons or speak highly charged words or phrases at them that will only anger them. Ghosts are people without physical bodies. They respond in kind, so if you remember that they are a life form with intelligence, personality and emotions and act accordingly, the better off you will find yourself. I am a licensed, ordained minister, but that does not mean that God will intervene and remove spirits, any more then God will intervene and save the life of an innocent child starving to death. This is akin to standing in front of an oncoming train and raising your hands commanding God to stop the train before it hits you. I suspect God would say, "What a foolish person" and allow the train to hit you. I would say, "We are cleansing the gene pool."

I would suggest that some traditional myths associated with methods to expel malevolent spirits. These are myths and do not work. The first myth suggests calling upon the name of a heavenly entity, such as Jesus or the Virgin Mary to "compel" a malevolent spirit to depart. Simply making the sign of the Cross, holding Rosary Beads or a Cross and than calling upon either Jesus or the Virgin Mary for help will have no effect upon the malevolent spirit. A malevolent spirit is outside the belief system that those upon whom live will predicate their lives. The malevolent spirit has the advantage of being in the spirit world and comprehending the two realities. While we mortals can only practice dogmas and tenants that we have been taught, the spirit knows which is truth that is man's interpretation.

The second myth is that a malevolent spirit can be removed by exorcism. A malevolent spirit will not leave simply because someone sprinkles holy water or speaks words commanding them to leave. This is more appropriate for scriptwriters in Hollywood who conjures up the dark figures who torment man and the easy, predictable solutions, such as exorcism to expel a malevolent ghost.

These myths suggest that religious icons, religious rituals or holy and powerful words will force a malevolent spirit from a home is steeped in the folklore of the Middle Ages. Consider for a moment that not all spirits are or were Christians in life so why would they suddenly obey holy words uttered now when they would not in life? What magical powers do these words have? Have these words ever stopped a killer? The answer is no. Words alone cannot change the course of a river nor move mountains. Words can help us understand about the world within which we live. Words have no effect or power upon the spirits of the dead. Now, what will remove malevolent spirits?

Let us consider why a spirit may remain in this earth plane as a malevolent spirit. Consider a person who allowed his vices to rule his life. This person succumbs to the baser instincts in life and relies upon his need to feel good by outside stimulation. His spirit is debased and resides in the lowest levels of the spirit world upon his death. That spirit has not evolved into a higher life form but has retained the level it was at death. It seeks to find victims exhibiting negative energy fields upon which it can feed. This is the traditional emotional vampire that sucks the emotional energies until the victim is emotionally dry and than abandons them for someone else.

Who are the victims of these malevolent spirits? The victims are those who are filled with unresolved emotions, such as animosity, malice, bitterness, anger, hatred or resentment that festers in the deep dark recesses of the mind. These intense emotions are attracting the negative energy malevolent spirits. The negative emotions may be a result of divorce, bankruptcy, marital conflicts, domestic family problems, employment problems or any kind of stress. Perhaps this internal conflict is from bitter memories of childhood or a traumatic event in one's life that has not been fully resolved. This is not a common occurrence.

It is well documented that most exorcism work for a short time and than the spirit activity seems to increase afterwards. I would suggest that this dormant period between the exorcism and activity could be explained by the lunar cycles involving the full and new moons and peak geomagnetic fields. The period between the new and full moon has the lowest geomagnetic fields, thus suggesting that ghostly activity is almost nonexistent.

The problems that arise from attempts to banish or exorcize the spirit suggest that a greater negative force come into the home, stronger than before. I do not believe that exorcism is effective because the spirits of the dead are not bound by our laws or practices. They have crossed over to the other side and now understand more of what we accept on faith and their knowledge suggests that what we believe may not be factual. Exorcism is like using the Ouija boards, often allowing unwanted malevolent spirits to enter the home. Ghosts are not demons, nor are they evil, perhaps angry, but anger is an emotion that many people confuse with demonic.

What is more common in 99% of the time is what we call the prankster spirit who loves to play a good joke on the living. It has been my experience from communication with thousands of people who have had an experience that frightened them sufficiently to call for banishment or exorcism that their reasons were purely selfish and reflected a lack of understanding of the spirits of the dead.

What is a regular prankster spirit? If we come to understand that the pranks initiated by the spirits of the dead are often a call for acknowledgment, a call for help or perhaps it is simply a joke they are playing on the living. The most common ghostly pranks that scare people are as follows:

In all of the above, the ghost may simply be having some fun to see how we will deal with it. Some folks will move out of the home, others will become paranoid and a few will laugh about the prank. The only time that I would consider unhealthy for a ghost to pull pranks in a home is if small child(ren) are being frightened. I would ask the spirit not to scare the child or children in a firm voice, strong but not overbearing. Talking to a spirit is very helpful in resolving issues that the living want addressed.

The prankster spirit has issues that it needs to address, earth linked emotions that it must release so it can move to a higher level of the spirit kingdom. Banishing these spirits will not help them on a spiritual level, we should work with them to resolve the issues or aid them in resolution of unfinished business so they are free of the anchors that tie them to this realm. We need to be concerned about their spiritual welfare, not simply our own fears of the unknown. However, there is another kind of spirit who is not seeking for help or for resolution of issues, but is simple a low-level malevolent spirit that takes pleasure in hurting others.

A malevolent spirit is a spirit with destructive behavior patterns that will harm a member or members of a household. Once the member is attacked by this malevolent sprit, the member seeks the name of a good priest who will conduct an exorcism or they will contact the IGHS. I will respond and suggest that it will do no good to hold an exorcism, instead we must treat the cause, not the issue. I believe in cause and effect and the cause is not the malevolent spirit causing negative activity, but the reasons that the spirit is drawn to that victim. The cause stems from the negative energy being broadcasted by the individual because of deep emotional issues that are not resolved.

Resolution does not come by applying myths of the Middle Ages that represent outside changes or events, but to turn inside for changes that will negate the negative energies being broadcasted by the person. Very often, the person will not know that he or she is transmitting negative emotions because the transmitter is buried deep inside scare tissue. Sadly, victims expect bells and whistles when they call upon someone to do an exorcism but in reality, the truth is plane and is ignored my most because it appears to be too simple to work.

Each of us acts as a beacon, sending forth emotional energy that can be positive or negative. Malevolent spirits who feed on negative emotions soon arrive to "stir the pot" and bring it to a boil. If we want to heal, we must forgive and forget and move on. We must forgive those who have hurt us and move past the pain to find emotional harmony. Forgiveness is the first step and letting go of the inner negative emotions is required for healing our inner being and turning off the beacon.

The key to removing annoying spirits is to remove the negative emotions buried deep within us. We must not keep these destructive emotions buried, but let them go. The solution is within us and only we can change how we feel or how we react with others. We need to let go of emotional baggage and get on with life. We hurt no one except ourselves with destructive emotional baggage. Remember the adage that says, "As a man thinkest, so he is."

We carry within us the forgiveness key that will unlock the catacomb that protects our emotional monsters. We do not want emotional monsters locked away in our minds because they will beckon to the low-level malevolent spirits who feed on this negative emotions. If we heal ourselves, we can get rid of those pesky ghosts.

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