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We have completed a major clean up of our ghost galleries started over nine years ago. We have removed all questionable photos, especially all dust orbs. We believe we have the largest collection of non-dust orbs ghost photos available on the Internet. This was a major overhaul for us as we examined each photo to determine if we would keep it or discard the photo.

Due to the popularity of the Ghostweb, we are exceeding the allowable bandwidth available to us and incurring huge Excess Bandwidth Charges. In 2003, we had to established a Members Only Password protocol to access the Ghost Photo Galleries to protect us from Excess Bandwidth Charges.

Remember, membership in the International Ghost Hunters Society is free, but the does have a Password membership fee to view the ghost gallery archives. This fee helps pay for the hosting cost for the domain and two sub domains necessary to host the over 9,000 ghost photos and for the bandwidth consumed by those who view the photos and for downloading the huge video segment files to view.

The New Ghost Photos posted daily are still free! The Ghost Web Members Only membership is $12 for a life time membership in our ghost galleries. Please use PayPal to register as turn around time is faster. I still have to wait until PayPal sends a confirmation to me that you have paid before I can issue the password.

Upon notification by PayPal, we will send the Password Membership via email. If you place an order during the middle of our night, it will be the next morning before we can process your order.

We offer a two-year IGHS Membership and a life time password membership for only $35. This beautiful IGHS Membership Certificate is suitable for display on your wall and can be found at Membership Certificate.

Life Time Password Membership $12.00

If unable to use PayPal, call me for Visa, MC or American Express credit card orders.

We also have our IGHS Secure Online Order Form at: Secure Order Form

Or place Credit Card Orders by calling Dave: 1-702-572-2356

Or send your check with your Email address to:

Dr. Dave Oester
PMB 715
713 W. Spruce
Deming, NM 88030

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