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True Ghost Orb

This ghost photo was sent by Deidre Mimbs of .

Deidre said, "This was not taken of a light, not the moon. It was total darkness, no reflective surfaces anywhere."

Dr. Dave's Notes:
This is a good example of a true ghost orb. Most orbs posted on the Internet are of the environmental variety, such as dust, pollen (grass, tree, or weed), moisture droplets, ice crystals, and other natural occurring spherical shaped anomalies. This ghost orb is radiating light energy, which environmental orbs cannot do. The best evidence of ghosts are EVP, the recording of ghost voices, but an orb that radiates energy is the best photographic evidence available.

The only controversy about regarding orbs is the photographer's lack of basic photography knowledge. Too many novices believe that every spherical shaped anomaly is a ghost orb. I guess when they are wiping dust particles from the TV screen they are really thinking they are wiping ghost orbs from the screen. This is a good example about the lack of common sense employed by some in the ghost hunting community.

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