Wedding Visitors

This photos and enlargements was sent by IGHS member Nate Poulson of

Nate said, "The picture was taken on the east doors of the Salt Lake City Temple on my parents wedding day. Only one roll of film was used by a professional photographer. We was driving up the canyon one day after they were developed and we noticed that only one of the pictures had figures in it, and the strange thing is that all those figures look like our dead relatives. We have pictures to prove that. Also that was the only picture out of all of them that turned out like that."

"We have taken the photo to a professional, and he said that he can't explain it. He also said that if it was a double exposure then there would be obvious signs, and he could not find any of them. I've got a couple ghost things on my web site about that picture. My web address is Bigfella."

Dave's Notes:
These are enlargements of the photo showing the various visitors attending this wedding. The LDS belief that the Temples are places where ordinances for the dead may be performed and of earthly ordinances that bridge the eternities. They also believe that the dead visit these holy places as the work is being done or when sacred ordinances such as weddings are done. The IGHS suggests that during special occasions, deceased family members will be visiting their loved ones as is evident in this photos. In this case, the LDS beliefs and the IGHS beliefs about family members visiting their loved ones coincide.

Notice also the orb in the upper right hand side, the ectoplasm swirl below it and the many full body apparitions. This is a most remarkable photo and one of the best I have ever viewed. The wedding photograph remains in the possession of Nate's parents and has not been examined by us. Nate said the reason is because its one of a life time photo and they don't want anything to happen to it. If you have any questions, Email Nate at the above address.

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