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Dead Zone 29

This ghost photo was sent by Neti of Beetlegeuse69@aol.com.

Neti said, "Hi Dave, Last weekend we finally had great weather and went out excited as usual to see what would unfold for us. Things started out normally for us but quickly changed. Ghostbait and I both started seeing the shadow figure again darting around us as if we were playing a game of catch me if you can. We decided to stand more or less back to back so we could see in a circle around us when a rather large branch suddenly flew at us from the nearby woods. I immediately took this picture. In the ecto you can clearly see what we both believe was our shadow friend. I know when you are out doing these types of things your imagination can and sometimes will get the better of you. I suppose you could explain away the flying limb ( realizing this flew at least 15 feet from the tree line to where we were) as an objection to us disturbing one of our many nocturnal creatures that live in the hood. If this is the case this sucker had one hell of an arm not to mention great aim. "

Dr. Dave's Notes:
Great ectoplasm from the Dead Zone.

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