Over 384 ghost voices.
Nowhere else will you find a 60-minute DVD such as this one, filled with 844 pictures and over 384 ghost voices from all across the country and from Central America.

Dead Zone 27

These ghost photos were sent by Neti of Beetlegeuse69@aol.com.

Neti said, "Hi Dave, It has been a while since I have been able to go out. These pictures were taken in the zone which is where we buried our beloved dog. I also caught an amazing EVP but for some reason I can't get to send but rest assured I will. It sounds as if they are right beside me and is clear as a bell. It is a small child boy or girl I don't know."

Dr. Dave's Notes:
These photos are from Neti's Dead Zone, an area in her back yard that nothing grows. We suspect it is a portal opening and the intense EMF fields kill any growth. The supercharged orbs in motions are commonly captured here as these photos clearly show.

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