Over 360 ghost voices.
Nowhere else will you find a 60-minute DVD such as this one, filled with 800 pictures and over 360 ghost voices from all across the country and from Central America.

More Cemetery Spirits


This ghost photo was sent by Neti of Beetlegeuse69@aol.com.

Neti said, "Hi Dave, Well I hardly know where to begin I am so excited. Last night I went back to the cemetery I was taking pictures and I heard an actual voice for the very first time ever say in my right ear "I am here now" Here are the resulting pictures. If you will notice the orb doesn't move it dims but stays in the same place. It takes my camera about 8 -10 seconds to recharge the flash. I have to admit to you though I was a bit unnerved by actually hearing the voice. I am not one who is given to exaggeration or hysteria. I will tell you honestly it scared the ghost poop right out of me. After all it was my first time."

Dr. Dave's Notes:
An amazing collection of spirit energy patterns captured at this cemetery. Apparently someone wanted Neti to know they were present in the cemetery with her.

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