Over 360 ghost voices.
Nowhere else will you find a 60-minute DVD such as this one, filled with 800 pictures and over 360 ghost voices from all across the country and from Central America.

Dead Zone Skeptics

Skeptics love to write and explain the supercharged orbs in motion are from lights in the background. Neti has settled this question once and for all. She has stated many times that are there are no lights in the Dead Zone and now she has sent photos to show the wooded scene and to prove there are no house or street lights in the background. This fact does not generally concern skeptics as they have already made up their minds that there are lights in the background. This is a good example of why closed minded people have no business attending ghost investigations. It is okay to be skeptical, but not a sketpic whose mind is set in cement, already harded to the point that it ignores new facts and information.

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