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Dead Zone 20

This ghost photo was sent by Neti of Beetlegeuse69@aol.com.

Neti said, "Hi Dave, Well I don't know where to start. We have a new anomaly now tonight was the third time we have both seen it. It is well, simply put a light that seems to be stalking us. When it passes us it appears to be a whitish bluish light about the size of a small peach or large plum. It will hover and illuminate then disappear then it takes off. When it moves it elongates to about what looks like about 5-6 inches and is very, very ,very fast. I managed to get these 2 pictures of it. Unfortunately I couldn't get it in the elongated phase. If you scrutinize these orbs they do not have the same look as other orbs. The edges are different in the orb that is the lavender color you can see movement. I have no idea what this is and really would like your help. What I can tell you is it is not a firefly. It is not a bird that has eaten a dozen fireflies. It moved with intelligence. Three of us saw this anomaly and we all saw exactly the same thing. I am going to get a video camera and try to capture it again and send it to you."

Dr. Dave's Notes:
These are good examples of valid ghost orbs.

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