Over 384 ghost voices.
Nowhere else will you find a 60-minute DVD such as this one, filled with 844 pictures and over 384 ghost voices from all across the country and from Central America.

Ecto at Accident

These ghost photos were sent by Matthew Wilson at Swearfinger@sbcglobal.net.

Matthew said, "The original processing date was Jan 22, 1999, a full year earlier than initially reported. It is possible that I may have scanned and uploaded the photo years back, I do not recall. I took the liberty of scanning and uploading the proof sheet that is included with every Kodak Advantix Picture order. It would be impossible to scan the negatives being as how they are secured in the Advantix film canister. I have more pictures of the accident that I am sure were not posted if you require further proof as to the authenticity. This picture was the only picture in which I could see an anomaly. I make no claims to be a photographer, so please donít hold me responsible for the other pictures (lousy as they may be) that you will see on the proof sheet, lol. I appreciate your inquiry as to the authenticity. I believe scrutiny is the only way people will get the credit for findings that they deserve. Please feel free to contact me in the unlikely event that this has not yet satisfied the criteria for your requiem."

Dr. Dave's Notes:
I asked Matthew for verification that this was his photo as unauthorized copies are floating around the Internet. The white ecto is spirit energy, while it may appear to be in a vague human shape, the important aspect is the spirit energy itself. Our human minds trys to make this energy pattern into something we can relate to in our lives. This practice of seeing figures in spirit energy is akin to seeing figures in clouds for faces in the moon.

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