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Ecto in Denmark

This ghost photo was sent by Marie Kovacs Madsen of

Marie said, "I'm a girl from Denmark who has taken a picture, and I want you to have a look at it. 2 days ago I took my younger brothers to a small park near by our house for making some Halloween-fun! It was about 09.30 pm - and very dark! I took some pictures without pointing at something special- I noticed some smoke on one of them, that for sure wasn't visible in reality. I didn't really think about this, untill the next day when I connected my camera to the computer. I think it is very SCARY! I assure you that there was no fog or smoke from cigarettes or anything! The weather was clear."

Dr. Dave's Notes:
Since Marie said there was no fog and no one was smoking, this vapor has to be related to ectoplasm, which is another way of saying this energy pattern is spirit/ghost/soul related.

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