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Franconia Wash Meteorites

Our Meteorite Hunting Jeep
in the Franconia Wash
Meteorites collected in two hours
2238 Grams (about 5 pounds)
Our Meteorite Sweeper Meteorites picked up by Sweeper
Our Secret Location Sharon using a meteorite hunting pole

The Franconia Wash Meteorites fell to the earth during the last great Ice Age, some 15,000 years ago after traveling through space for at least four and half billion years. These space rocks were the source fragments left over from the creation of planets, such as our earth that was formed some four and half billion years ago. The meteorite strewn field is located in Northwest Arizona, a dozen miles from Lake Havasu City and the field is some thirteen miles long and over six miles wide.

During the last 15,000 years numerous asteroids have entered the gravitational field of our earth and exploded in the atmosphere strewing thousands of chucks of space rocks known as meteorites into the Franconia Wash area making it one of the best places to search for meteorites.

We are offering these recovered space rocks for the first time, both as individual pieces of meteorites, meteorite jewelry made by Sharon, and as bags of smaller meteorites for those who would like to design their own jewelry around these space rocks.

Meteorites come in all shapes and sizes. Some are glossy due to the extreme heat as they entered the earth atmosphere while others are broken and jagged created as the meteorite impacted the earth and exploded sending chucks of space rocks across the land. Some meteorites absorbed surrounding rocks as they cooled resulting in a mixture of space rock and earth rocks.

These are the individual pieces of meteorites with weights in grams. All meteorites prices include shipping by First Class Mail USA Only. Outside USA & Canada extra cost for postage, write for prices. Wholesale prices for bulk packages of smaller meteorites.

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Black Meteorite Nuggets
48 gram -- $63.00

36 gram -- $39.00

39 gram -- $42.00

42 gram -- $45.00

33 gram -- $36.00


24 gram -- $27.00

13 gram -- $16.00

6 gram -- $9.00

5 gram -- $8.00

10 gram -- $13.00

4 gram -- $7.00

6 gram -- $9.00

Bulk Sales


Meteorite Jewelry

8 gram Meteorite
Silver Wire Wrapped -- $20.00

2 gram Meteorites
w/chain 1 Inch Bottle $8.00

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