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Johannesburg, South Africa

This ghost photo was sent by Michelle Conyers of

Michelle said, "On the 28th of June 2008, some friend and I went on the mystery ghost bus tour. We took photo and I would like to share them on the website as I have seen that there aren’t any and well we took some interesting photo. The first photo in the attachment really interests me as it was taken at Mr. & Mrs. James Goch home, which is now a Mike’s Kitchen Restaurant. The reason why I find it fascinating is there were only three of us on the balcony outside: me; my boyfriends cousin; and my boyfriend who is taking to photo, but what I want to know is what is behind me in this picture? I took photo’s using my Samsung S630 digital camera.

In the second photo, as attached we were in the Braamfontien Cemetery and we managed to take some other interesting photos. And what is even more interesting is that there are no light inside the cemetery. Please can you give me an explanation to these phenomena? "

Dr. Dave's Notes:
I have cropped the first photo so only Michelle and the mysterious figure behind her is visible. The bright white lines in the glass is due to Slow Shutter so disregard them. The fuzzy orange anomalies behind the ghostly figure is also caused by Slow Shutter. The ghostly figure is what is important in the first photo. In the second photo, Michelle captured a ghost orb. This is not an airborne dust particles. It is a ball of ectoplasm, a common manifestation of spirit energy.

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