Mary's Cemetery

These photos were taken by Sharon Gill at a cemetery we are calling Mary's Cemetery. Jason Snider of the Crawford County Illinois Ghost Hunters Society shared with us some of his most haunted sites. Jason's family farm has a history that can be traced back some 200 years. They are preservering history as a lone cemetery nestled within their 3,500 acres began when a man fell off his wagon and was killed. He was buried along side the road and from that early beginning, a dozen or so 1800s graves were added over the years to the lone unmarked grave. This old cemetery is preserved because the Snider family believes our past is a part of our tomorrows. Sharon and I met his family and they fully support the ghost hunting work Jason is doing. Jason Snider is a very committed IGHS member and follows the Standards & Protocols in all of their field investigations. He has about fifty members in his club. Jason's ghost stories and experiences will be in our next book, along with his many EVP recordings.

In this cemetery that we are calling Mary's Cemetery, Jason recorded "Mary" and Sharon discovered a child's tombstone laying flat on the ground. We set the tombstone back in place and Jason said he would have the tombstone fixed permanently. We recorded several EVP at the time we were setting the tombstone back into place. It is interesting to listen to the EVP and see how our effects to restore the downed tombstone was received by those beyond the grave.

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