Ghosts of Gettysburg: Walking on Hallowed Ground
Ghosts of Gettysburg has over 40 of the most haunted battlefield sites and 10 of the most haunted hospital sites that readers can visit on this haunted battlefield. This is a must-read for anyone visiting the Gettysburg Battlefield. Let Dave & Sharon show you the haunted sites of the Gettysburg Battlefield.

Park Spirits

These ghost photos were sent by LeeAnna Markwell of

LeeAnn said, "I'm really concerned with an experience I had last night. A friend and I decided to go to a park that is across from our town's hospital. While she was taking pictures of me on a swing set she kept complaining about fog in the picture. There was no fog whatsoever outside at the time. I looked at the pictures and there was a type of fog everything in the picture. We kept taking pictures to see what caused it, but it wasn't in anymore pictures. We took off running to my car because we were scared. Before we got there though, the streetlamps in front of my car went off."

Dr. Dave's Notes:
The white fog like substance is what we call ectoplasm. This ectoplasm is spirit/ghost/soul energy patters that are captured by the camera. Ectoplasm may consist of one or more ghost/spirit/soul entities.

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