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Full Body Ectoplasm

This ghost photo was sent by Kelly of Kelly.Rindfleisch@legis.state.wi.us.

Kelly said, "The person with the Number 3 on the back of his T-shirt is a Ghost! Yes folks, a Ghost. This picture comes from Kelly Rindfleisch. She says, "The picture was taken by my brother-in-law who's grandpa's name was Jones. The back of the shirt says R. Jones." However, the print I am sending you doesn't show the name, R. Jones. I have included the full photograph with family members so you can see that the photo is not just of the ghost and the woman. The photo on the left is cropped and enlarged."

"At the time that the picture was taken, there were three people that were taking photographs at that moment. In addition to the photos, there was also a video camera running. The only photo that shows the ghost is the one that was taken by the grandson of Mildred R. Jones. The R. Jones is on the shirt, but cannot be seen in the rendering of the photo. The number 3 also appears on the shirt and Mildred Jones has three great grandchildren that are sitting in the picture."

"This photo and negative were studied by two different professional photographers, both of whom could not give a logical explanation for it. The image does appear on the negative also. The photo was taken to the Wonewoc Spiritualist Camp by one of the great grandchildren and shown to a clairvoyant in residence there. She immediately identified the picture as a spirit! It related to the three children she identified as relatives of the entity and the person taking the photo. She also correcty identified the ghost as being related to the children on their father's side of the family. This picture remains in our family as a source of much conversation and curiosity to this day."

Dave's Notes:
Notice the blow-up of the shirt area...the shirt overlaps the lamp shade. Notice the last blow-up...the head is transparent as you can see the lines of the boards running top to bottom on the wall! We are really greatful to Kelly for th is photograph as it is our first full body image of a ghost!

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