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Face in Window

This ghost photo were sent by Kayla of lextigrexattaque@yahoo.com.

Kayla said, "I was taking self-portrait photos for my photography class last night and when I was looking them over, my brother pointed out the apparent face of a girl in the window. This is really scaring me Dr. Dave, any advice?"

Dr. Dave's Notes:
Many people send us "faces" captured in windows that require one's imagination to fill in the blanks to make facial features. In ninety-five percent of the time those faces are mere reflections from natural objects that the mind attempts to see as a face.

In this case, the face is human and very real, not a white vapor like image. Who is this face? A ghost or perhaps is it this woman's "other" self from a parallel dimension that overlapped into this dimension as she took the photo of herself. Notice the face eyes and eye brows, they appear to be the same as the young woman taking the picture. Could this be another example of a dimensional shift?

This is not a reflection of the young woman, the angle of her head is not the same as in the window.

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