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Ecto Swirl

This ghost photo were sent by Jill Bates of gangsta_girl_902@hotmail.com.

Jill said, "I live in the small town of Truro in Nova Scotia, Canada. Tonight I was takin by a friend to a cabin in the woods that is said to be haunted because they no I am really into this stuff I got a really werid picture and I was woundering if you chould tell me what it was."

Dr. Dave's Notes:
The white anomaly is an ecto swirl, maybe even an orb in motion leaving a contrail behind it. This ecto energy pattern is another term for ghost/soul/spirit/angel/demon/?? Many people call these energy patterns by all kinds of names and labels, some good and some bad. Perhaps it all depends on whether we see strange things as threatening or not. If we feel threatened, we tend to want to label it evil or demonic. We have never encountered demonic spirits in our 1,500 plus investigations, but we have encountered ghosts with attitude problems. We do not label ghosts demons simply because they are angry or upset, but there are plenty of ghost hunters and demonologists who are happy to label them demons so they can charge people for banishing them. Truth be know, the living has no power over the dead!

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