Jacksonville Cemetery

Jacksonville Cemetery is located on a hill overlooking Jacksonville, Oregon. This old mining town was featured in the film, The Great Minnesota Raid. We visited this cemetery because my great grand uncle was buried here. He was a gold prospector back in the 1870s and had mining claims on the Applegate River. Upon his death, his gold mine could not be found by the other prospectors who searched for it. Legend grew and it became known as the Lost Cabin Mine and is still lost today. The cemetery is filled with Laurel which is a heavy wood. One tombstone that has always interested me was the one featured in the second top and first lower photos. Apparently Modoc Indians from Klamath Falls crossed the Cascade Mountains and raided Jacksonville, killing this family in 1872. The cemetery is also divided into sections, one being for the Redmen which was the Weatonka Tribe which has long since vanished.

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