Inner Circle Society

The Inner Circle Society is membership into the inner levels reserved for advanced ghost researchers within the International Ghost Hunters Society. This elite group is composed of individuals who have received IGHS approved training and who has demonstrated advance knowledge and understanding of the spirit realm. Special events will be scheduled that are for Inner Circle Members only.

Candidate must attend formal training programs offered by Dave & Sharon, such as the Ghost Photography Workshops,  IGHS Ghost Conferences or completing the Home Study Course for Certified Ghost Hunter. Once the formal training is completed, the candidate must show an application of that knowledge by providing sufficient evidence of their advanced understanding of the spirits of the dead. The Inner Circle members agree to follow the standards and protocol taught by the IGHS for all Field Investigations.

The symbol of the Inner Circle is the Mountain Quail, long held by the Native Americans as representing spirituality, the sacred spiral and associated with ceremonial and Holy. The Mountain Quail is on the edge of a spiraling circle representing the spirituality we find within the vortex or portal opening to the spirit realm. The spiraling circle is from Native American rock art depicting the Spirit Realm.

To Apply: If you would like to be considered for membership in this elite group of the IGHS, send an Email to Dave & Sharon, providing the date you completed a formal Workshop, Conference, or Home Study Course for training and the evidence of your advanced understanding of the spirit realm as it pertains to life after death.

Dave & Sharon will have special events and investigations that are for members of the Inner Circle Society only. Imagine joining in a field investigation with advanced ghost hunters/ghost researchers who have developed the spirituality and sensitivity to the spirits of the dead, where all are united in one common goal. 

Some Commonly Asked Questions:

I am a psychic so why should I taken any advanced training?
The purpose of the IGHS is to document the existence of the spirits of the dead by physical evidence. Someone who says, "I can feel their presence," has not documented the existence because they have no physical evidence validating feeling and any paranormal anomalies. Today, many people are calling themselves psychics, but they have no proof of their ability nor can they substantiate their findings. However, if the psychics has IGHS advanced training in Ghost Photography then they could take a photograph and say, "Yes, I felt the presence of spirits and I have a photo validating what I felt." Now physical evidence exist to document the event. The psychic has now established creditability.

I know how to take photographs, so why should I take any advanced training?
The knowledge and skills for regular photography are not sufficient when applied to ghost photography. Ghost photography is a specialized area, just as underwater photography is different from landscape photography. We teach you the tricks of the trade so you will be in the top ten percent of photographers capturing ghostly anomalies on film. A photo is worth a 1,000 words! We also teach you about the Spirit Realm and about the Spirits of the Dead.

Why shoud I join the Inner Circle Society?
The primary reason is to provide a reservoir of trained ghost researchers who understand the nature of the spirits of the dead and who have the skills and knowledge to document their existence at a haunting. Ghost Photographs represents physical evidence of life after death. The IGHS trained ghost investigator can obtains photographs during an investigation that other non-IGHS ghost hunters usually fail to accomplish.

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