By Dr. Dave Oester & Dr. Sharon Gill
Co-Founders, International Ghost Hunters Society

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Internationally Known Ghost Hunter's
Reveal Their
Ghost Hunting Secrets!

by Dave Oester & Sharon Gill
Published 1995, 179 pages, illustrations. We have 70 true original ghost tales collected from the people who have experienced these strange and often frightening paranormal events. Some tales are scary while others stories will bring a tear to your eyes. All stories are suitable for young children through adult.
ONLY US$18.50

Twilight Visitors $18.50 USA Priority Mail

by Dave Oester & Sharon Gill
Published 1996, 224 pages, photos, This book is a detailed collection of ghost tales and actual investigations of haunted sites. Learn how to become a ghost hunter, what type of equipment is needed and discover insights into the spirit world. Learn how to photograph ghosts and why they may haunt your home. ONLY US$18.50

Haunted Reality $18.50 USA Priority Mail

Listen to our ghost voices, hosted by Jeff Rense on his nationwide Talk Radio Network program. Listen to us on the first Friday of each month, 7 to 9 PM Pacific Time.
is the first photo comparison CD that compares photos of weather, photographic and man made anomalies to those of real paranormal events. Discover if your photos are truly ghostly or simply lens flare and camera straps. Sent as a PDF download.

Photo Analysis CD $13.00

Order both Twilight Visitors and The Haunted Reality for a special two-book discount price of $30.00 which includes the shipping and handling charges and the books will be sent by priority mail within the USA only.

Two Book Special $30.00 USA Priority Mail

Two Book Special $35.00 Canada

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