Haldeman Mansion, Locus Grove, PA

The land that Haldeman Mansion resides on has a long history. From 1718 to 1743, Native Americans and French settlers would trade their wares in the hillside village, now known as Locus Grove. The Indians, Susquehannock and Iroquois, resided on the site in a village then known as Conoytown. The Haldeman Mansion was constructed in the 1740s and later acquired by John Haldeman and enlarged it in 1812. John's son, Samuel Steman Haldeman was an internationally acclaimed scientist. He was self-taught. He published his first article in 1835 and later in life was honored by Charles Darwin for his contribution to Darwin's theory and famous book, The Origin of the Species. Daniel Webster also honored Samuel Haldeman for his assistance with Mr. Webster's dictionary. All of the EVP recordings came from the front porch of this Mansion. The house was empty and locked up when the spirit voices were recorded from inside the Mansion.

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