The Woochuck Ghost

This photo was submitted by V. Graham at

According to her letter, "My Mother owned and operated a small General Store at a campground a few years back. This campground was a Membership only campground. Several of the people employed there were friends of My husband and myself. One of them was the Activities Director at the Park.

The sales crew at the Park relied on photographs of the Campground as a part of their "sales pitch". They put them on a board for prospective members to view. At 6 am on a Thursday morning, my friend Billy was out and about in the park taking random photos with a Polaroid camera, not even really viewing them in any great detail as they came out of the camera. He just added each picture to the pile as he took them. With about 25 photos in hand, he returned to the old Saloon where he sat to separate and view them. I was there doing some cleaning and setting up for the night ahead.

Before I go on, I should mention that this campground was once inhabited by three tribes of Indians and that hundreds of items, including beaded Moccasins, chicken feet necklaces, pottery , arrowheads and more have been found there and are in a museum for viewing in the town of Temecula California. Matate's are still in place in the campground at several locations. As is the original untouched Cabin and graves of the people that settled the Land. I also did some research in the Temecula Library and discovered a five volume set of books describing the "Temecula Creek Massacre" which involved the Cavalry and Indians and took place in and around the Campground.

Billy, as he was viewing the pictures deciding which ones should be hung on the board in the sales office, suddenly looked up and called me to come and take a look at a certain picture. As I reached for the photo, he said "Vicki, please tell me you don't see anything in that picture but bushes" When I viewed the photo I saw what appeared to be a man (very clearly) in the very center of the photo, either dressed in a white uniform or maybe the outfit belonging to some one standing in front of him. He said "as God is my witness, there was no one there when I took this picture". With that he took the picture from me and threw it in the trash. White as a sheet he said he wanted nothing to do with the photo. It scared him have to death.

I on the other hand became very curious. I retrieved it from the trash and have had it in my possession ever since. Eight years have gone by and I just felt the need to share with someone that would appreciate the picture for what it is. I'm sure you will see what I mean.

The name of the campground is WOODCHUCK...and my family and I have have lovingly referred to the Spirit in the picture as " The Woochuck Ghost". The Address of the resort is 37885 Hwy 79 South, Temecula California. My Mom (age 77) is still there in the store and proudly tells the story for anyone interested." "

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