Ghosts of Gettysburg: Walking on Hallowed Ground
Ghosts of Gettysburg has over 40 of the most haunted battlefield sites and 10 of the most haunted hospital sites that readers can visit on this haunted battlefield. This is a must-read for anyone visiting the Gettysburg Battlefield. Let Dave & Sharon show you the haunted sites of the Gettysburg Battlefield. Click on the book.

Ghostweb Journal

The name of our newest eBook is Ghostweb Journal, which is a collection of 125 articles published in the IGHS Newsletter since 2007. This eBook has over 345 pages with articles by Sharon and myself, Bob Gallienne and David Liles. The articles discuss ghost orbs, dust orbs, dimensional shifts, standards and protocols for ghost hunting, understanding the scientific approach, Bigfoot, hauntings, battlefields, poltergeist, EVP, ghost photography, ghost stories, and dozens of more topics related to ghosts, and the paranormal.

Read about the history of Christmas and Halloween. If you are new to ghost hunting or if you love to read some of the great articles published in our Newsletter, now is the time to order your copy of this eBook. Enjoy the Mark Twain style of writing by Bob Gallienne. His laid-back approach to life is a joy to read and refreshing to say the least. Sharon shares her viewpoints on the importance of positive attitude and the issues surrounding death and grieving. Since 1990, we have been teaching a higher standard for ghost hunting.

For the first time in one eBook, you will find articles from Dr. Dave’s Notes and Dr. Sharon’s notes, along with Staff Writer Bob Gallienne and Guest Writer, David Liles. This new eBook has over 147,000 words. If you love our Newsletter, you will love to read our articles now in one volume. Ghostweb Journal will be sent as a PDF download (14 MB) or as a CD shipped by USPS Priority Mail to USA customers. If download is selected, we will send the download instructions. The eBook is printable.

PDF Download: Ghostweb Journal: $15.00

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