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Gettysburg Battlefield

These day time shots were taken by us while driving on the Battlefield. The first photo was taken during the full moon and shows this spooky moon behind the cannon at the top of Devils Den. While here we have had solar storms, mega, M-Class and X-Class Flares almost every day. This increase in electromagnetic energy has allowed us to capture some wonderful night shots of those apparitional warriors who still fight for freedom. We jav The second photo shows one of the monuments on the top of Devils Den.

The middle two photos were taken of reenactors near the Pennsylvania Monument. The first photo shows the fife and drummer practicing near their encampment. The second photo shows the encampment.

The bottom role of photos shows a cannon on the South Confederate Avenue that bombarded Little Round Top during the battle of July 2, 1863. The photo on the right shows entrance into the Valley of Death and Little Round Top in the background. Valley of Death was so named because anyone caught between Little Round Top and Devils Den were literally in the Valley of Death from both sides. It was said that the Plum Run stream ran red with the blood of the soldiers killed during the battle.

The energy of the spirits are everywhere here. Those sensitive to spiritual energy will feel this as they visit the various sites on the battlefield. I have been busy reading books on the Battle of Gettysburg so I might understand better the events that led up to this three day battle.

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