Ghosts of Gettysburg: Walking on Hallowed Ground. The newest book by Drs. Dave and Sharon Oester.
Ghosts of Gettysburg has over 40 of the most haunted battlefield sites and 10 of the most haunted hospital sites that readers can visit on this haunted battlefield. This is a must-read for anyone visiting the Gettysburg Battlefield. Let Dave & Sharon show you the haunted sites of the Gettysburg Battlefield. Click on the book.

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Abandoned Mine Abbott House
Eastern State Penitentiary Dobbin House, Gettysburg Cemetery Spirits
Dimensional Portal Ghostly Energy More David Liles Investigations
Ghost Orb in Motion Possible UFO Johannesburg, South Africa
Castillo de San Marco Glowing Orb Cemetery Spirits
Old Cemetery Strange Lights Gettysburg's Apparitions
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Ecto in the Congo Bandit's Visitor
Angola Prison Cemetery Death Row Myrtles Plantation
Blue Ghost Tunnel Kitchen Spirit Apparition at Algarrobo, Spain
A Real Ghost Orb House Spirits Biker's Spirits
Park Spirits Dimensional Dog Ghost Boy on Ghost Horse
Bathroom Ghost Clifford Tower Ecto Ecto Swirls
New Year Eve's Spirits Ecto at Sachs Covered Bridge So Many Orbs
Ghostly Image Australia Cemetery Ectoplasm Ghostly Grandparents
Cemetery Ectoplasm Ghost Face Ecto in Denmark
True Ghost Orb Poland Springs Resort Pleasant Hill Spirits
Ukraine Spirit Energy Sally's Spirits Gettysburg Ecto
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Pleasant Hill Cemetery Haunted Truck
Flagstaff Citizen Cemetery Bakersfield Fairgrounds Ectoplasm
Dust and Pollen Orbs Parallel Dimension Overlap Ghostly Girls
Dead Zone 29 Malaysian Spirit Energy Face in the Window
Gray Butte Cemetery Ecto Ghost Face Ghostly Hand
Dead Zone 28 Spirit Energy Ecto at Accident
Ecto Devils Den Dead Zone 27 Pleasant Hill Ecto
Basement Ecto Dimensional Image Dimensional Shift
Kentucky Ecto Parallel Dimensions Cemetery Ecto
Moonlight Spirits Birthday Spirits The Father
Face in Window Ghost Lab Haunted Post Office
Video Capture Transition Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Example of Flying Bug Mitchell's Ghost Sophie Christmas Ghost
Dimensional Truck Coon Hill Spirits Supercharged Orb
Dimensional Overlap Morrison Ghost 2 Parallel Dimension Image
Morrison Ghost Tour Old MSP Penitentiary Pacific Ecto
Portal Opening Cryer Cemetery Ecto Swirl
Trinity Church, Boston Goldfield Hotel Ghostly Spider
Slow Shutter - Dimensional Ecto Swirls Baby and Spirits
Ghostly Spider Overlapping Dimensions 3 Ghosts in a Hen House  
Overlapping Dimensions 2 Overlapping Dimensions Dead Zone 26  
Reflected Image Fells Point Ghost Tour Old Photographs  
Dead Zone 25 Chinese Cemetery House Ghost  
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Holly Grove Cemetery Cemetery Poem  
Symthe House Cemetery Spirits Dead Zone 24  
Healing Energy Jefferson Hotel Ecto Energy  
Flying Bug New Lin Cemetery Parallel Dimensions  
Myrtles Plantation Home Ecto Shadow Man  
Daytime Orb Las Vegas Park Forest Ecto  
Neti's Spirits Frankenstein's Castle Pheasant Hill Cemetery  
Rosepine Cemetery Smyrna Cemetery Neti's Home  
Ghost Party Yellow Orbs Motion Ghosts in Motion  
Dead Zone 24 Savannah Ecto Shadow People  
Fabric N Wooden Things Malaysian Ghosts 2 Malaysian Ghosts 1  
Jessie James Home Jefferson Tombstone Cemetery Spirits  
More Cemetery Spirits Cemetery Visitors Dead Zone 23  
Dead Zone Skeptics Cemetery Spirits Dead Zone 22  
Dead Zone 21 Camera verses Mind Jenny Wade's Ghost  
Party Crashers Dead Zone 20 Dead Zone 19  
Spirit Energy Patterns Cemetery Visitor Dead Zone 18  
Old Farmhouse Spirits Dead Zone 17 Dead Zone 16  
Cat's Ghost Dead Zone 15 House Energy  
Chicago Ecto Door Ghost JC Penny Pose  
Dimensional Doorway Dead Zone 14 Circle of Trust  
High School Park Strange Pattern Cemetery Spirits  
My Mother's Grave Spirit Energy Homecoming 2005 Spirits  

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