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Christmas Day 2005 Fluorite Mine Adventure

This old mine is located on Greenleaf Mine Road, outside of Deming, New Mexico. This mine is on Fluorite Ridge. On Christmas Day, 2005, we drove out to this site and picked up several pounds of fluorite, including green, purple and clear fluorite gems. The temperature was in the 70s with a beautiful blue sky. The next day, we took our home made shaker screen out and dug shovel loads of tailing into the shaker screen. You shake the screen and dirt falls through the screen leaving the rocks and gems. I discovered all kinds of sore muscles the next day. Many of the larger apple size fluorite crystals were found on the ground near the tailing dump. When we dug in the mine tailings, we found dozens of the walnut size green fluorite. The photos show only what we found on top of the ground next to the tailing dump on our third visit to this site. The keywords here is  hot and dusty.

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