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Dimensional Truck

These ghost photos were sent by Freda Good of psptubecrazy@gmail.com.

Freda said, "Let me give you a little background information on this photo. The camera it was taken with is a 35 mm hunting camera. My uncle had it deep in the mountains where we live, and it was set only to be triggered by motion. He caught some nice bear pictures as he had wished, but then my uncles dogs triggered the camera which in turn gave us the photo I am asking you to analyze. The two red strips on the film, I believe can indicate cheap film? However, the interesting thing is the truck in top right corner of the photo. At first look, it looked like double exposure to me, so I looked at the negatives, however no photos of a truck were taken. Upon further analysis, and blowing the photo up, it looks like my grandfathers truck, an old Chevy, short bed style."

Dr. Dave's Notes:
The red streaks on each side of the film is indicative of light leakage when the film was taken out of the canister. The first photo is an enlargement of the second photo showing the transparent truck. Freda indicated there are no roads in this area so the truck could not have been driven into the site where the game camera was posted. I believe that this is an example of an overlapping parallel dimensions.

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