Electronic Voice Phenomena
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These EVP Wav files are reserved for Members Only and are not available on the EVP web page in the free section of Ghostweb.com. More EVP will be added to this page for your enjoyment. We use a Radio Shack 125-Minute Digital Recorder and Acoustica 2.25 EVP software.

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Members Only EVP
Aztec Ruins, Aztec, NM Photos and WAV Sounds
Bee Springs Cemetery, MO WAV Sounds
White Sulfur Cemetery, Shiloh, TN WAV Sounds
Soule Chapel Cemetery, Greenbrier Co, WV
Las Vegas, NM Cemetery
1753 Cemetery Quarryville, PA WAV Sounds
1889 Johnstown Flood (PA) WAV Sounds
Haldeman Mansion (PA) WAV Sounds
King Cemetery (WV) WAV Sounds
20th Maine, Gettysburg Battlefield WAV Sounds
Slaughter Pen, Gettysburg Battlefield WAV Sounds
Sachs Covered Bridge, Gettysburg Battlefield WAV Sounds
Rosewoods, Gettysburg Battlefield WAV Sounds
Another Lynchburg Cemetery WAV Sounds
Lynchburg City Cemetery WAV Sounds
Gettysburg Children Orphanage Basement WAV Sounds
Old Brunckow Mine Site, Arizona WAV Sounds
Booger Woods in Virginia WAV Sounds
Old Congress Arizona 1880 Cemetery Ghost Town WAV Sounds
Columbus Nevada Ghost Mining Town WAV Sounds
Vulture City Arizona Ghost Mining Town WAV Sounds
Gettysburg Battlefield WAV Sounds
Bruce & Barbara Uhl--Willingstine Cemetery

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