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Brad Steiger, author of Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places, said, “Prepare to experience shivers when you follow Drs. Dave and Sharon Oester along shadowy corridors and into moonlit cemeteries in search of real ghosts – the ones that exist in reality, not on movie screen. But have no fear. These experienced and intelligent ghost hunters bring you a great deal of inspiration and awareness, as well as a few authentic shudders.”

Examples of dust and pollen orbs

This ghost photo was sent by Danny Singleton of

Dr. Dave's Notes:
Good examples of dust and pollen orbs that many novices confuse with paranormal orbs. An orb is a term we coined in 1994 to mean the shape of ANY anomaly, both natural and paranormal. The yellow orbs are pollen and the white orbs are dust particles floating in front of the camera lens.

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